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Protect, Prevent, & Perform with LubriSynHA Hyaluronic Acid Joint Supplement

Protect, Prevent, & Perform with LubriSynHA

As a horse owner you know the importance of peak performance. Every second counts in competition and so does the health of your horse's joints. LubriSynHA is here to ensure your equine partner stays in top condition, delivering the performance you need to win.

LubriSynHA's all natural formula provides the highest quality hyaluronic acid available to support synovial fluid which is essential to maintaining healthy joints. 

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Why Choose LubriSynHA?

Gallon LubriSynHA Plus MSM
#1 Essential Ingredient

Hyaluronic acid is the only element that supports healthy synovial fluid.

Liquid is Key

Unlike pills and powders LubriSynHA's liquid formula is easily absorbed and works fast.

Premium HA

LubriSynHA contains the highest quality HA available!

Cost Effective

At around $1 per day you can reduce or eliminate costly and invasive joint injections. 

What People Are Saying

“After only 1 week on Lubrisyn HA, my horse is already moving better! He is not as stiff coming out of his stall in his knees and hocks.” Rita
Started giving this to my 21-year old horse with lots of arthritis, and have noticed it has helped in keeping his legs from stocking up. He is so much more willing to run and jump during turnout and seems to work out of his stiffness when we do light arena work. Very happy so far. Kathy
I had a horse come to me with a hock fracture that wasn’t healing and the horse could barely walk. Many vets said he wouldn’t heal and needed to be put down. I started him on LubriSynHA, and sure enough in a month he was walking sound. I’ve tried many other joint supplements and nothing keeps my horses sound like LubriSynHA! Marla

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